A Guide to Booking Meetings & Conferences

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There are plenty of options when booking meeting rooms across the UK and you’ll even find that other businesses will give you access to their meeting space. However, at Prestige Venues & Events we believe everything should be done with a particular approach, this is why our meeting rooms standout from the crowd and offer not only a space to thrash out the next year of plans, but also offer an element of experience as well.


At the core of a successful meeting or conference is a setting that allows the goals of your business, staff, colleagues, clients and delegates to flourish.

Football stadiums are a popular choice for both meetings rooms and conferences as they can inspire team spirit and healthy competition. This is particularly prevalent in local areas where fans are present in their team’s stadium.

Companies looking to engage delegates in developing business and technology could benefit from holding conferences at venues such as The Crystal and its exhibition on technology and future cities. Being in this setting can inspire delegates to consider how they work and how they might be working in the future.

Galleries and museums are another popular choice for meetings and conferences. The rich culture, art and history attached to these venues can inspire creativity and change the perception delegates have on meeting points or seminars.



Providing a unique experience for your guests, colleagues or clients can be simple and easy by using some hired help. At Prestige Venues and Events our staff will do the heavy lifting for you and ensure your event is tailored to you and your guests.

This includes:

  • Free friendly one stop shop service to find the most suitable venue for the meeting or conference via The Hub - our central enquiry team
  • A fantastic range of venues to inspire any team from sports stadia and racecourses to beautiful historic and cultural destinations
  • A choice of convenient locations around the UK with good transport links and accommodation options in key cities and beyond including London Edinburgh Manchester Liverpool Leeds Glasgow, Belfast and Cardiff 
  • Great meeting and conference menus crafted by our dedicated chef teams on site at each location designed to fuel delegates for a positive and productive day
  • An extensive range of team building activities available to add to any meeting or conference including both indoor and outdoor ideas. These can be tailored to match the objectives of the meeting or conference 



Whether you’re hiring meeting space for a conference or smaller gathering, be sure to consider how you can add personal touches through attention to detail. To do this, you can pair with an events team to understand the bespoke needs of your meeting attendees, from arrival to seating arrangements and eventually the end of the day.

Providing this level of detail and care creates a positive atmosphere for attendees and will aid in helping them feel more comfortable in their surroundings.

Follow this on from the excitement before the event and the positivity can ride through the event and guests will leave feeling charged and enthusiastic about the day. This creates buy in to your event and can result in a greater return from the meeting or conference – this can include follow up engagement, quicker route to sale or longer-term engagement with your business.


Just like a wedding, one of the core areas that conference and meeting guests will remember is the food. At the heart of a successful day is great menu and providing only the finest ingredients is essential to achieving this. When booking a meeting venue it can pay dividends to find out more about the food on offer, how ingredients are sourced and in particular if any local specialities are available. 

At Prestige Venues & Events we strive to provide only the very best from raw ingredients through to finished plates.

Bacon rolls might seem like a great, crowd pleasing, option but with so much scope for food that enriches a day, many businesses booking meetings and conferences are looking to strike a balance between flavour and nutrients to keep guests satisfied but also engaged – particularly when moving through the day as items on the agenda are ticked off.

Menus with macro and micronutrients within a specific menu provide delegates with a strong foundation to stay alert and engaged while reducing fatigue.

The Blue Planet and a willingness for businesses to engage with climate change and reduce their carbon footprint is an important to consider when booking a meeting or conference venue.

Menus and suppliers that support local businesses, economies and communities, champion fresh produce and promote positive climate wellbeing through sustainable farming can easily be sourced when working with the right partners.



All of the above elements come together to create a meeting or conference that is inspiring, memorable and productive and together this is a great platform teambuilding.

To add further to this, why not also hold sessions specifically designed for teambuilding – for example assault courses that require teams to complete are fantastic way to allow team members to connect. Another popular option are treasure hunts or adventure games set around the venue. These can include anything from finding particular items within the venue to putting together presentations or insight to specific works or history of the venue. Again, this allows for delegates to engage and learn how best to work with each other.

Team games are becoming hugely popular at conferences. Up to 70% of businesses are boosting creativity, engagement and productivity by investing in gamification. These techniques work by encouraging critical thinking, fuelling positive competition, and sharpening communication skills.

Overall, teambuilding options at every level can have a positive impact on working culture and positive takeaways from the day.



Talk to our event specialists at The Hub to find out how we can help you or use the live chat to talk to one of our agents now


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