Team Building: New Year, Best Team Ever

By Alice Mulhearn -


Team building activities aren’t just a good excuse to leave the office for the day: they’re a vital tool in building a team that’s productive, creative, and engaged. Bringing people together on a corporate away day is a great way to flex those collaboration skills, boost communication, improve motivation, and leave everybody feeling appreciated and refreshed.

Here are just some of the ways our Team Building Winter Packages can help kickstart the year for you and your team!


Supercharge motivation with an obstacle course

There’s nothing like an obstacle course to get the heart pumping on a winter’s day – and it’s great for fuelling positive work relationships too. In fact, one 2007 study found that almost all obstacle course participants experience an increase in leadership confidence and work productivity.  And with those effects sticking around for at least 6 weeks afterwards, it’s definitely a surefire way of supercharging motivation long after the away day is over.

Our winter team-building package at Hampden Park Stadium includes plenty of outdoor obstacles and challenges to bring your team together. But don’t worry – it’s not all mud and competition! Warm up post-action with delicious refreshments prepared by the stadium’s talented team of chefs, and a wander around the Scottish Football Museum.


Image removed.Boost collaboration with a treasure hunt

Send your team on a treasure hunt with our Wild Goose IWM London Explorer challenge. Armed with a tablet loaded up with challenges and a map, team members will see the museum like never before as they use photos and videos to unlock new tasks and discover incredible artefacts.

But they can’t do it alone. To complete the challenge successfully, your team will have to work through their mission as a group, boosting communication and collaboration in the process.

Nurture some healthy competition with a team quiz

Apart from the obvious bragging rights, there’s so much be gained from a good old fashioned quiz. Whether you let departments battle against each other, or encourage your employees to create their own dream teams, a quiz is a great excuse to nurture some healthy competition.

And of course, with competition comes collaboration. The Ice Breaker Quiz at Newcastle United Football Club is designed to give your team the chance to show off their strengths, build relationships and work together to win amazing prizes.


Encourage creativity with team gamesImage removed.

When work projects throw you curve balls, it’s useful to be able to think outside the box. But what’s the best way to keep those creative muscles in good shape? The answer: games. Up to 70% of businesses are boosting creativity, engagement and productivity by investing in gamification. These techniques work by encouraging critical thinking, fuelling positive competition, and sharpening communication skills.

And with our team-building games at Hampden Park Stadium, they can be super fun too. Designed and managed by a dedicated Team Building partner, these games are guaranteed to push your team out of their comfort zone and get those cogs whirring.


Team building activities are essential to a company culture that’s engaging, collaborative and fun. With benefits that extend far beyond the day itself, our winter packages are just the thing for building the best ever team in 2019!


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