Garden Hospitality That Helps Business 'Grow'

By Morag Kent -

Book a garden room, not a meeting room

When was the last time you conducted a meeting in a garden? Although the warmer months may feel an age away, Jardin Blanc is an ideal environment in which to do business, with the benefits of being in or connected to nature having been proven time and time again.

After the dark winter months, many relish the opportunity to get outside during spring, when everything’s coming to life once again. Increasing our vitamin D levels through exposure to sunlight has a positive effect on our mood, improves our immune system and aids in the release of endorphins. Plus, any opportunity to get some fresh air and enliven the senses is always worth taking.

 Image removed.Being immersed in nature allows us to feel calm, relaxed and at ease, so we decided to look a little deeper and explore how these feelings can benefit us in business.

Build Stronger Connections

Everyone knows that face to face interaction - as opposed to communicating online – is vital in building strong working relationships. This, set in the context of an informal garden environment with fewer mundane distractions, allows for even stronger connections to form with those around you. If you’re one of those people who struggle to recall names in meetings, well you’re in luck - flowers can improve your memory and gardens are full of them!

Ultimately, green space allows you to build an emotional connection with your surroundings and peers.


Gardens provide peaceful spaces to reflect, sit back and enjoy some stress-free time. When surrounded by plants and greenery we’re more likely to forget our daily concerns and be more absorbed in the present moment. The colour green alone makes you feel comfortable and improves overall well-being. Fresh air and free space encourage heightened social behaviour and openness within groups. In addition, fresh, healthy produce, when consumed, can also have fantastic stress-busting effects and lift spirits.

Boost Attentiveness and Focus

Due to mobile phones and social media, attention spans and concentration levels are on the decline. Being in an area containing plants has been shown to have the opposite effect; increasing focus and boosting brain productivity. When daily distractions such as laptops are removed and you’re away from the office environment it’s amazing how you will naturally centre your focus on what is happening around you. This makes for clearer conversations and great connections.

Delightful Experiences

Creating positive experiences with your clients and guests Image removed.within a truly sensory environment will make your guests smile, relax and, put simply, enjoy their day. Outside spaces are pleasurable and for this reason are often very memorable, something that you – and they - will recall in years to come.

Jardin Blanc – May 2020

We dare to push the boundaries with our garden hospitality experiences by taking guests away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Jardin Blanc offers one of the few locations in London to relax and unwind in green space, enjoying food plucked fresh from the earth, grown in-part in the gardens of Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons. There is much to relish; being immersed in colours and music, food and drink, flora and fauna.

Booking a garden room at Jardin Blanc, particularly on the exclusive Members’ Days (Tuesday and Wednesday) at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show will provide you with a relaxing yet stimulating setting for client entertaining. So take the meeting outside and see how the conversation flows, naturally. 

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