Productivity Enhancing Menu

Our team have developed an all-day conference offer that puts nutrition at the heart of the event. By carefully selecting and preparing ingredients with the right balance of macro and micro nutrients we aim to maximise a delegate’s performance throughout the day and in turn help you deliver your message to your audience. 

MACRO NUTRIENTS: by offering the right balance of protein, complex carbohydrates and good fats, and minimising sugars,
our food can help maintain energy levels, improve focus, stabilise blood sugar, prevent fatigue and improve alertness. 

MICRO NUTRIENTS: by packing in as many b, c, d and e vitamins as well as many other compounds, we could help improve memory, cognitive function. 


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We understand that food allergies can present a serious concern for some of our customers. If you would like
information on the allergen content of our foods, please contact the venue you're interested in, they'll be happy to assist.