Summer time with Prestige Venue & Events

Dinner with dinosaurs, sailing the Thames and exploring the great outdoors are just some of the great ways in which businesses can engage their teams this summer.

by - 1 month ago


What is corporate hospitality, and do you really need it?

  Corporate hospitality can be defined loosely as entertaining clients at public events in order to promote your business. A question can always be raised based on ‘is it really worth it?’, ‘what does the company gain?’ Though with the right ...

By keith hodges - 3 months ago


The botanist’s guide to buying your partner flowers

  A bouquet of flowers, whether hand-picked, arranged by a florist or picked up from the garage on the way home, is a classic display of affection when given to a loved one. We choose blooms most likely based on their beauty, their po...

By poppy millett - 5 months ago