Summer time with Prestige Venue & Events

Dinner with dinosaurs, sailing the Thames and exploring the great outdoors are just some of the great ways in which businesses can engage their teams this summer.

by - 3 weeks ago


Creating 'Quality Time' in the Digital Age

  It’s understandable that after a hard day’s work you want to sink deep into a sofa, and perhaps even deeper into your screen. Whether it’s mindless scrolling or binge-watching box sets, spending excessive time on your digital devices has be...

By poppy millett - 3 months ago


Learning the language of love…

  The language of love – long debated and discussed – is simpler than you may think. According to Dr Gary Chapman, author of ‘The Five Love Languages’, understanding how you and your partner communicate their love can span a range of differen...

By Morag Kent - 4 months ago