Rib 'n' Bone Man

By poppy millett -


Never underestimate street food. What was once thought of as a greasy, post-club kebab is now so much more. Street food is at the forefront of the food & beverage industry in terms of creativity and authenticity, fusing different cultural cuisines and cooking techniques, and resulting in laidback, great-tasting, affordable and easy to eat food.

At Sodexo, chef Matt Shipley is the master of street food, recently winning our inaugural street food competition with the delicious concept; Rib ‘N’ Bone Man.  His menu was absolutely mouth-watering: juicy short ribs, marinated in a paprika, cayenne and brown sugar mix, and served with kimchi slaw; followed by a chilli, chocolate and banana samosa served with home-made ginger, vanilla and fresh cream ice-cream.Image removed.

If this wasn’t enough ‘flavour’ already, Matt proved himself to be true showman: cooking to garage music, complete with a leather apron, flat cap and branded t-shirts, and presenting his offer on custom engraved wooden boards.

His win at the Sodexo competition took him even further, to claim his prize - a two night stay in Gothenburg - and to compete in the national B&I StrEAT Food Awards.  Competing against numerous other foodservice companies, Matt took the opportunity to flaunt his skillset, as well as socialise with and develop techniques alongside the best of the best within the industry. Coming out on top last year, Mark Wetherill, executive development chef within corporate services for Sodexo UK & Ireland, was crowned the winner of the first ever B&I StrEAT Food Awards and this year Matt put up an amazing fight, presenting a spicy chicken paratha wrap and Korean spring rolls alongside the Rib ‘N’ Bone Man offer.

Coming a long way since the streets… Rib ‘N’ Bone Man will be available later this year at Ascot Racecourse alongside many other classic and quirky street food offers from Sodexo.


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