Meetings and mindfulness: how working with others can benefit mental health

By Alice Mulhearn -


Hot desking, remote working and digital tools have transformed the way we work. They’ve made the workplace more productive, flexible and diverse, but in many ways more stressful and lonely. A 2014 survey by Relate showed that 42 per cent of us don’t have a friend in the office, despite spending all day surrounded by people.

So as the government assigns its own Minister for Loneliness, why not make 2019 the year you invest in events, meetings and teambuilding exercises that support mental health? Bringing people together at work and corporate events have so many incredible benefits for your whole team – here are just a few.


Make everybody feel important with inspiring meetings

Think of meetings and you probably imagine stuffy boardrooms and yawn-inducing presentations. Not the best remedy for the office blues. Yet meetings aren’t just about business. By bringing people together in one space to collaborate, learn, share and catch-up, you’re reminding everybody that they have a whole team cheering them on. And the good news is that meetings don’t have to involve your office boardroom. With our wide range of inspiring corporate venues, you can host meetings in beautiful, impressive and technologically-advanced environments that are sure to stimulate your delegates.


Build friendships with team-building days

From improved productivity to better collaboration, team-building activities are popular for a reason – they offer a load of long-lasting benefits for your whole team. But perhaps the biggest is their effect on relationships. Bringing your team members together outside of the office challenges them to build trust, nurture each other’s strengths and forge friendships. After all, there’s nothing like learning and performing a dance routine at Hampden Park or solving a WWII based mystery at IWM London to foster a sense of camaraderie!   


Stimulate conversation with conferences

When we’re stressed at work, it can be difficult to step back and look at the bigger picture. Conferences are a valuable way of engaging your team in the why of their job, not just the how.

Inspiring presentations, hands-on workshops, and networking events stimulate conversation and make sure that everybody feels part of something bigger. Combine productive sessions with delicious food, a beautiful venue, and plenty of time for socialising, and you have a winning conference that will leave your guests feeling supported and inspired.


Let your team relax with feel-good company events

Sometimes it’s good to let business take a backseat. By bringing people together at a truly feel-good event, you’re reminding them of how much they’re valued, and celebrating their successes too. So why not host an event that goes beyond the annual Christmas party? From the occasional team lunch or tagging on a post-meeting or conference drinks reception, to a luxurious hospitality experience – such as a day in a box at Royal Ascot, or attending the gorgeous Jardin Blanc at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show - company events can make for very happy employees.


There are so many ways to support mental health at work, but a good place to start is with events that build friendships, inspire conversations, and let your team truly relax. Even a collaborative daily meeting can do wonders in making your office a healthy and happy place to work.  


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