Covid-19 Secure Meetings Guide: From The Everyday To The Extraordinary

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To help you understand what you can and cannot do with regards to arranging and hosting covid safe meetings, we have created a Covid-19 Secure Meetings Guide, to help you on how to book a safe gathering for your co-workers and colleagues across the UK once venues are able to reopen.  

What does a covid safe meeting look like?

Covid safe meetings and corporate events involve following government guidelines in order to keep everyone safe and protected. We can assure you that’ll we continually update our policies and precautions so that we’re in keeping with the current advice

What To Expect

The venue will be cleaned to covid-19 secure standards, as we adhere to strict health and safety rules. Your travel details will be provided to the booker, as our staff are currently fully trained on the procedure of documenting journeys for your peace of mind. 

When You Arrive

We have implemented staggered arrivals to manage the guest flow, alongside social distancing measures such as signage and one-way systems. We also include guidance from your dedicated event manager who will show you hand-sanitising points.

The Journey To Your Room

When you are escorted to your room, you’ll be taken by a chaperone who will make clear the one-way system and the flow markings through pre-opened doors.

Your Room Set Up

In the meeting rooms there will be social distancing already set up, and you’ll receive a briefing from the host. The location will be repeatedly cleaned throughout the day by the trained staff and hosts, not to mention access to AV and Wifi so that you stay connected.

Food and Beverage

We understand that dining can seem difficult due to covid, however, we can tell you we provide disposable cutlery and staggered breaks in eating to manage the flow. The staff wear protective uniform, as well as the implementation of a Perspex screen between the staff and counters. We utilise one-way systems and contactless payment.

Leaving The Venue

When you leave the venue, you’ll be escorted out in staggered departures as the venue is cleaned down. You’re in safe hands.  

Our Covid Safe Meeting Rooms Guide:

Prestige Venues and Events care about your safety. We’re here to ensure that you and your colleagues are protected when using our venues, so we’ve put together a guide on what to expect when it comes to utilising our remarkable sites across the country. Our guide gives delegates guidance and support because we want you to feel confident when you join us in-person. We’ve been working hard to help facilitate meeting requirements, so as you can feel assured that you’re in safe hands; our staff are rigorous and enthusiastic when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness. Not only are we abiding by the rules, but we’re going the extra mile to ensure that you’re comfortable. 

Types of Meeting That Are Covid Safe: 

Team Meetings

We can accommodate covid safe team meetings, for if you want to get your team together and work collaboratively. 

Department Meetings

We also host department meetings for particular staff from selective departments in your business and discuss your upcoming projects and goals.  

Board Meetings

Our covid safe venues are open for board meetings that unite the directors of your company, as you may find it necessary to discuss company-wide policy and business strategy face-to-face as opposed to on virtual meetings. 

Annual General Meetings (AGMs)

Your yearly AGM meeting with shareholders in your company can be held on our premises, as will guarantee that those in the general membership of your business can be invited to a safe and secure environment for the day.  

Team Building Meetings

Group briefings and team building discussions are recommended for strengthening the efficiency and the teamwork within a company, our venues are great environments to bring together your staff for some team bonding and logic exercises. 

Presentation Meetings 

If you’re in need of giving an important presentation to your staff, then our venues provide options of large screens and projector equipment in auditoriums and meeting spaces so that you can deliver the perfect speech in front of your live audience. It is difficult to maintain your guest’s attention on Zoom presentations and get interaction from participants, and meeting in-person adds to the experience and sense of togetherness. 

Covid Safe Meeting Room Locations:

•    American Express Community Stadium
•    Ascot Racecourse 
•    Blackburn Rovers Football Club
•    Emerald Headingly Stadium
•    Everton Football Club
•    Hamilton Park Racecourse
•    Hampden Park
•    Keepmoat Stadium
•    National Museum of Scotland 
•    Newcastle United Football Club
•    Perth Racecourse
•    The First Central County Ground
•    The Aesseal New York Stadium 
•    The Apex
•    The Athenaeum
•    The County Ground
•    The Spitfire Ground 

Booking a covid safe meeting – How To Find a Covid Safe Venue:

At Prestige Venues and Events, we want to reassure you that you are able to begin making plans for your business meetings and conferences. We’re ensuring that our venues are as safe as possible, so that you can feel reassured when you place your booking – your company is making the right choice. We offer team building days, Christmas parties, conference rooms and a variety of meeting locations.

Our booking policies are some of the most flexible out there, as we understand that this is a changeable time.

If you make a new booking, or reschedule an existing booking with us to a new date, then the following terms apply:

  • If the event cannot go ahead due to covid restrictions, we can move the booking to a different date, or if you want to cancel, then refund the deposit in full (provided no costs have been incurred for the booking).


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a covid safe venue for a meeting?

Browse our selection of venues as seen above, or take a look at our covid safe meeting venues page. Here, you can select a location that is easy for your staff to travel to, nearby to your workplace, and meets the capacity requirements for your event. We offer a range of locations and rooms, such as auditoriums, drawings rooms, and training rooms. We provide state of the art equipment and versatile seating arrangements.

How do we ensure meeting delegates are safe to attend a physical meeting?

To ensure that your meeting delegates are safe to attend an event, we recommend that you follow official government advice. You can get a fast-track covid test, to ensure a negative result before the event, in order to check you won’t be spreading the virus to your colleagues and teammates.  Your delegates must wear face coverings whilst in our venues and comply with the two-metre social distancing rule. The combination of these precautions will keep risk to a minimum.

How many people can attend a covid safe meeting?

The number of people who can attend a covid safe meeting depends on the venue size, therefore you’re advised to check the individual location capacity for your choice of location. The people attending must be able to reasonably socially distance from one another using the two-metre rule. Read the current government guidelines and check the individual requirements of each venue, or contact the hub if you are unsure.

How do you ensure food and drink consumption is covid safe at one of your venues?

In order to make sure that your dining experience is covid safe, we have taken the highest precautions so there is minimum risk. We’re utilising a tailored menu, alongside a range of disposable cutlery and containers, that are also environmentally friendly. We’re using staggered breaks to manage delegate flow. Our staff are all in protective uniform, with a Perspex screen between the serving staff and counters. The toilets can be entered from a one-way system, with capacity restrictions. You can pay using the contactless payment at the end of your meal.    

If you have any further questions, then feel free to get in touch with the hub. You can also download our complete Covid Secure Meetings Guide.

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