Food Waste Action Week

By Theodore Rogers -

With us all having to prepare every meal of the day at home either cooking from scratch, takeaways or deliveries, our food shopping has sky-rocketed but do we always use up everything we buy each week? 

It appears not.a third of all food produced globally ends up in landfill and global food waste CO2 emissions are six times bigger than the global aviation emissions! For every 2 tonnes of food we eat, another tonne is wasted. At the same time one in eight people in the UK go hungry every day and 8.4 million people in the UK are struggling to afford to eat – the equivalent to the entire population of London. 

As a foodie business we see this as one of our key priorities and a major responsibility to minimalize waste wherever possible and support those struggling to afford to eat properly. This year we have joined forces with WRAP for the first National Food Waste Action Week which is taking place from 1-7 March highlighting the importance for reducing waste wherever possible in the food industry. Alongside this our Stop Hunger Foundation has this financial year raised £99,000 for the charities it supports including £84,000 for FareShare who distribute surplus food to those in need.

There are also some things we can do at home to help stop this level of food waste and hopefully save you some pennies too:

  • Menu planning: decide what you are going to cook each week, make a shopping list and only buy what you need, this can make your meal repertoire more exciting too by planning ahead
  • Freeze any leftover food for another day
  • Think of ways to use up fruit and veg that are past their best, soups, smoothies, baked dishes and stock.
  • Organise your fridge so you can remember what is in it and what needs using up first.
  • Fridge foraging make one night a week a fridge foraging night where you make up a meal from anything left over that needs to be used up
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