The surprising impact of plants in the workplace

Whether you are based in an office or work remotely, the benefits of incorporating some greenery into your work-space are scientific fact.

by Poppy Millett - 1 month ago


A Boot-camp at The Botanics

By poppy millett - 1 day ago


Sporting Legends: St James Park

By poppy millett - 3 weeks ago


Female-Led Eventing

By poppy millett - 4 weeks ago


The Ghosts of Christmas Parties Past

Whether you call it Christmas, Noel, Natale or Navidad – chances are you’re right in the thick of planning your festive celebrations. You’ll be shopping for gifts, digging the tree out of the attic, planning your menu and scouring the internet for th...

By Emma Walker - 4 weeks ago

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‘Winning’ Venues: the best spaces for your awards ceremony

As 2018 draws to a close, it’s time to put the spotlight back on where it matters most -  your staff. Award ceremonies are a perfect way to wrap up your year. It’s a prime opportunity to recognise your team’s achievements and align your focus fo...

By poppy millett - 2 months ago