Why You Should Be Booking Couple-Friendly Entertainment

By chloe howard -

Most of us have busy schedules and it is becoming increasingly difficult to get the balance between work and life right. Deciding just how to juggle personal and work based commitments is tricky, and often ends in someone feeling let down, so any opportunity to combine the two in a relaxed and attractive environment should be seized with both hands. Here’s why…


Opportunities for Busy Couples to Spend Time Together

If you host a client event and actively encourage guests to bring a partner, then you’re sure to get a much better response. Individuals are more likely to decline events if it impedes on allocated time with their loved ones, so by extending that invite to one more, then they’re more likely to be able to attend.

This is because it’s an effective use of time management. Guests are able to truly enjoy the experience accompanied by their partner, whilst also networking and therefore not feeling guilty about time away from the office. This is especially true of events over a weekend, which is normally considered to be family time. 

So if you’re wanting to network and bond with a potential client, they will feel more comfortable when they have someone with them that they know. 


Unstructured Day to Relax and Enjoy 

Sporting events often involve a structured format, but it’s nice when clients can attend an event that permits them some flexibility and freedom.  

Hospitality offers that allow guests to drop in and out are the most preferable for partners, as they have some choice in how they spend some of their time together. So they could start the day with a meet and greet, then venture off to explore, and then return later for lunch and networking in the afternoon. All of which is much more enjoyable when accompanied by a familiar guest or partner.

Clients will also appreciate the time to relax, embrace the atmosphere and mingle with others couples. 


Jardin Blanc Hospitality 

Entertaining at RHS Chelsea Flower Show, an event renowned for its sparkling atmosphere, relaxing gardens and colourful displays, is the perfect setting for entertaining couple’s. The event is a relaxed and informal setting comparable to that of a family dinner or a dinner party.

Jardin Blanc hospitality offers the opportune location for clients to bring their partners to enjoy a relaxing and productive day of networking. It is easily accessible from central London, and despite being in the city – the environment and setup could not feel further from the office. There are also no noisy matches or games that will distract clients – giving you an unparalleled amount of face-time with your invitees.  

The Le Lily event package in particular, will allow you up to 8 hours of strong networking time, in an environment that is designed specifically to encourage conversation and interaction. Shared outdoor spaces, sharing platters of canapés and live music – all of which are conducive to an informal and productive environment.


To learn more about Jardin Blanc 2019 click here or get in touch with our Sales Team
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