Planning Your Wedding During Lockdown

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With the current roadmap to get the UK out of lockdown by June 21st, there’s hope on the horizon that you can begin thinking about the ideal of bigger wedding celebrations with family and friends once again. . Sunshine and socialising is just around the corner, so now is the ideal time to begin planning your dream day. From finding the ideal unique venue to delicious food and drink, stunning floral displays and romantic themes it’s a good time to get a checklist together of all the preparations you need to make for your wedding day.

To help you with planning your wedding be it summer of 2021 or beyond we invite you to join us for a wedding planning webinar hosted by our team of wedding experts with guest speakers from some of our most cherished wedding suppliers who will all help you plan your perfect day. Sign up to register for 8th April 5.30pm-6.30pm

Colour Schemes

Plenty of websites, such as Pinterest, provide excellent palette suggestions and mood boards when it comes to wedding colour schemes. Lockdown is the perfect time to browse beautiful combinations and ideas for the aesthetics of your big day. Settle down with your partner and play around with palettes of various pastels, royal purples, or neutral tones. You may decide you want to make a statement with a colour that reflects your personality, or perhaps you want to keep it downplayed and elegant with some lilacs and lights greys. You can consider how to complement napkins, flowers and dresses alike. There are so many options to play around with when it comes to colour schemes, so ensure you find the perfect match for your preferences.


The venue and location of your wedding can be considered one of the most important choices you’ll make when it comes to hosting your perfect day. At Prestige Venues & Events, we invite you to take a look at our portfolio of unique wedding venues across the UK. We offer beautiful settings in Edinburgh, at The Assembly Rooms, The Signet Library and Mansfield Traquair whilst The Athenaeum provides an exquisite setting for a wedding further south in Bury St Edmunds. If you’re hoping for a London wedding in summer 2021, then Bateaux Londonprovides a truly stunning experience on the Thames, or The Wallace Collection gives you a central location with a stunning covered-terrace. When it comes to deciding on a venue, you can browse the portfolio online, and select a location by region, or by category. If you have any questions about any of these beautiful wedding venues, then contact our Hub Team for more information


Guest List

The guest list is something that you and your partner can easily work through from the comfort of your sofa. Whilst it can seem stressful at first, all you really need to consider is who your priorities are for the top table, then work through your friends and family. A good starting point can be to find out the capacity of the venue you’re getting married in, then work to find how many people you want to invite to meet that limit. It’s estimated that on average 75-80% of guests who are invited will turn up to a wedding*. Be sure to leave space for plus ones, and consider who it is that may want to bring someone.


No need to wait until the jewellers are open to start looking for the perfect gold ring; why not browse online, so you can collate ideas as to what you and your partner are looking for. And add to the excitement for when you’re able to go and try them on in person once again. Once jewellers open, you’ll have ideas in mind, and can go through the special process of trying on rings together. There’s so much to look forward to, so why wait to start gathering ideas.


The vows are a really important part of any wedding ceremony, as they represent the commitment  you’re making to your partner.  They can be beautiful and poetic, or perhaps you want to go for some simple messages of your love. You can find many resources for helping you write your own vows online, as there are examples already out there, or places where people have uploaded their own. Don’t be afraid to send drafts to your friends, as they can help you edit and make changes to these words of passion and commitment.   


What better time to begin drafting speeches than when everyone is sat around at home? Once you’ve made a line up for who’s giving speeches, and in what order, then you can begin to draft this exciting part of the reception and dinner. Whether you’re the groom, the best man, or a bridesmaid, there’s so much to be said. If you’re the bride, you may want to consider whether you want to give your own speech and thank the guests for coming, as there are a variety of ways in which tradition can be carried out. The main thing to remember is to make it work for you. Decide who you want to hear from at your wedding and give them allocated time slots. If you give them plenty of notice to write the speech, then by summer 2021 hopefully they’ll have perfected the ideal toast to the happy couple!


Although you can’t meet up with wedding planners or bands currently in person, there are many options for entertainment you can browse online. Different orchestras, bands, or forms of entertainment can be contacted over the phone or on their website. Find videos of the entertainers you’re hoping to book for the special day, and you and your fiancée will have the pleasure of perusing the options together – and maybe practise your first dance at the same time!.

Floral Arrangements

Finally, floral arrangements are a really exciting part of planning your wedding. There are some stunning florists available, who are happy to make your dream arrangement come true. When you speak to our Hub Team, and book one of our unique wedding venues, we will ensure that you’re assisted in finding the right décor and aesthetics for you. Whether you have pink lilies, or white roses in mind, our team are keen to make the magic happen.

Prestige Venues & Events want to help bring your plans together after a long winter of waiting. Remember to sign up for our Wedding Webinar on the 8th of April for more advice and help with planning, as well as special showcases. We can’t wait to welcome you and help bring together the wedding of your dreams.


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