Let's Talk Street Food

By Will Adams -

Authentic. Informal. Big-flavoured Hospitality. The way we eat is changing. Whether it’s a rooftop party with a cocktail in hand or an awards celebration enjoying some the best festival food, adding street food to the menu is sure to give your guests the best party in town.

Over the past few months, we’ve noticed a real surge of enquiries around bespoke and varied hospitality options. More and more event bookers are leaning towards a more casual and informal dining experience. Small plates, or street food Items that can be eaten on the go, which is ideal for social and corporate events where guests prefer to stand and snack while mingling, rather than being confined to a table.

At PV&E, we are passionate about delighting our guests with a culinary experience that goes beyond food. Our award-winning chefs use the finest seasonal ingredients to craft a bespoke menu for your event. Our street food offering is varied and diverse, offering something for everyone. From traditional bao buns to Mexican tacos, or katsu with a twist, chicken biryani or classic mac 'n' cheese, you name it, there is something for every taste and budget! We have an extraordinary breadth of choice available, paired with a team of specialists to help craft and elevate your guest experience at every turn.

With concerts, rooftops celebrations, and al fresco parties in full swing, expect the finest street eats paired with great entertainment, food theatre and unique venues from your PV&E team this Summer. Speak to the Hub team today and let us bring your vision to life.



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