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The summer events schedule with Prestige Venues & Events has started with a bang already! With the summer in full swing and recipes naturally moving towards salads and light bites, we decided we wanted to give something back to our customers and help them grow their business (and herbs!) in the right way.

Since early June we’ve been handing out fully sustainable wooden pencils, tipped with a special biodegradable capsule, filled with basil seeds. Once the pencil has been used the capsule at the end can simply be planted in soil and with some regular sunshine and watering the basil will grow.

Of course, we couldn’t allow our customers to have endless basil and nothing to do with it, so we spoke to our Head Chef, Tom Beauchamp, who has put together his own basil-based recipe for burrata tomato and fresh basil salad.

Burrata with heritage tomato, basil pine nuts and lemon


-              4x 125g fresh burrata

-              1 unwaxed lemon

-              300g heritage tomatoes

-              20g basil leaves

-              20g pine nuts

-              75ml extra virgin oil

-              1 medium red chilli

-              Sea salt flakes (to taste)

-              15ml balsamic reduction

-              50ml white wine vinegar

-              30g castor sugar

-              50ml water

-              Small handful of wild rocket leaves



-              Deseed and cut tomatoes into 3cm pieces

-              Warm vinegar, water and sugar gently in a pan until dissolved then pour over tomatoes and reserve

-              Toast pine nuts at 160 degrees Celsius for 8 minutes and reserve

-              Deseed chilli and chop finely

-              Roughly chop the basil and parsley

-              Put the herbs, chilli and oil in a bowl and mix. Grate the lemon zest into the bowl. Add a squeeze of the lemon juice. Season to taste and reserve

-              Add the burrata to the oil and allow to infuse at room temperature for one hour

-              To serve, drain and season the tomatoes and place in a shallow bowl. Add burrata along with the marinade. Toss in the rocket leaves and sprinkle on the pine nuts. Finish with another pinch of sea salt, a twist of black pepper and a swirl of balsamic


Making the Most of Corporate Events

Further than a simple giveaway, at the core of our company ethos is quality produce and fresh ingredients and we want to ensure our customers can get green-fingered across the summer, but also highlight that corporate and summer doesn’t have to mean offices with fans which don’t quite work or sweaty tube trains.

Natasha Carr, Prestige Venues and Events Marketing Manager said:

“Not only do they reflect that fresh food is at the heart of our business, but they are genuinely useful gifts - and a little more exciting than the average corporate giveaway.”

Beyond growing your own basil, our summer events corporate packages include a huge number of summer events including BBQs at Knebworth House, BBQ Lunches at the National Stadium Windsor Park and Dinner with the Dinosaurs at the Great North Museum.

For our full summer listings programme or to find out more about our corporate event options, please click here.

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