Football Stadiums to Improve Team Building and Summer Events Within Your Team

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Corporate conference rooms and traditional event venues are usually the first option for managers when they need to organize an event, communicate new business goals, celebrate something or improve the relationship amongst team members. They move forward with a meeting room hire but, once the event finishes, they find it hard to reach the expected results. Many a time these traditional venues are usually too formal for a summer event and they don’t actually inspire the team building spirit your company needs.

That said, have you ever considered a meeting room hire in a totally different venue? What about relying on the inspiring and welcoming spirit of sports to inspire team building amongst your employees, creative thinking and productivity? Meeting room hire at a football stadium is not only an original idea but the easiest and fastest way to create a corporate event that will make a buzz and get your employees talking about it for weeks on end.


Take Advantage of Summer Time!

Summer is all about spending time with friends, long relaxing evenings and the odd BBQ at weekends. Even though you cannot replicate all these in an office environment, the joyful spirit of summer can be easily echoed at a football stadium.

A meeting room hire at Brighton Amex Stadium or Aberdeen Pittodrie Stadium (amongst others) can provide the perfect venue to engage your employees in a sociable, more relaxed and creative environment. From cosy meeting rooms to large exhibition halls or evening receptions,  football stadiums are original places where to bring your employees together to communicate and share business goals during summer time.

Each venue has a unique history and heritage intrinsically tied to the local area – in some cases, the very mention of a meeting or event at a stadium can invoke a sense of excitement and begin to improve the team building spirit way ahead of the event itself. 


An Event in a Football Stadium Makes Bringing People Together Easier

Taking your team out of the office is usually not enough to bring people together. If the environment is uninviting and makes engaging difficult, managers will find it hard to inspire team building and creative ideas.

On the contrary, a sociable corporate event space as the one you can enjoy after a meeting room hire at a football stadium is engaging and warm and naturally entices your employees to get closer, interact with each other and think outside the box.


Sports Venues Are A Great Choice For Events

Managers can expect the best out of a meeting room hire at any of our sports venues. Whether you are interested in hiring a small meeting room at Aberdeen Pittodrie Stadium or a larger banqueting hall at Brighton Amex Stadium, you won’t be disappointed.

On top of this Goodison Park in Everton, St. James Park in Newcastle or the National Stadium in Belfast all offer options for team building events, award ceremonies or corporate events.

Across our range, stadiums offer cutting edge venues that can accommodate business meetings, conferences, product launches, evening receptions and exhibitions. All rooms are modern, well-equipped and designed to offer a valuable experience for both your staff and your business.

Each offers a unique setting and event space in the local area, complete with bespoke menus and packages, some of which include stadium tours and special speakers from the team in question (or legends of the game!).  


Sports Venues To Stage The Perfect Summer Event

Catering to all group sizes and budgets, a meeting room hire at a sports venue can be the perfect backdrop for a summer event. With an interesting variety of rooms in different sizes, both large and small business organizations can organize a corporate event this summer that is entertaining, remarkable and that helps companies achieve their business goals.

Sports and summer are a match made in heaven and hosting an event at a football stadium can be the best idea for organizations interested in organizing  a corporate event now that days are sunnier, longer and warmer.

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