Emotion and food: Why we choose the best chefs

By keith hodges -


Across any corporate hospitality provider, event or package you will find that food is often a central point of the event. For businesses this is a chance to sit down and speak to clients, and is a perfect centre piece to build the structure the day around. On a personal level, a meal can be much more than just a device around which to do business – food is emotive and when we attend events it is often at the core of what we remember. It is for this reason that our food philosophy, our suppliers and, most notably, our chefs are of the highest possible industry standards.


The Best Chefs

We believe in hiring only the very best chefs as this not only results in great tasting food, but a memorable culinary experience as well. For example, at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019 our corporate packages include food prepared and cooked by Raymond Blanc OBE, as well as demonstrations on how to improve one’s own techniques in the kitchen.

At the heart of our entire cooking team is innovation and inspiration; it is these marks of distinction that allow them to create the perfect menu to match any event.


The Best Ingredients

It’s no use us providing you with the best chefs in the industry if we can’t also give you the best ingredients for them to take advantage of.

Our approach to food is simple – the best, sustainable and seasonal produce for our guests.

We trace the journeys of all our produce, from farm to plate, and work with our food-partners to ensure they share our ethos and echo the beliefs we have in our food.


The Best Experience

The above two points bring us back to why we do what we do as a company in providing corporate hospitality and experiences.

With food being emotive, we believe in taking our guests on a multi-sensory journey, crafted to the occasion and setting. For our customers and partners, this means that their guests leave with genuine memories of a fantastic day, as opposed to the formulaic ‘corporate away day’ feeling of the past.

A tray of dry sandwiches is a thing of the past, and we’re proud to be sending them there!

From a business perspective, food can have a positive impact on your goals for an event, as happier people could be more likely to engage with new business suggestions.


Good produce and well-cooked food provide more nutrition and a healthier overall day (despite the odd glass of champagne!) and, again, this can have a positive impact on your clients even AFTER the event has ended. Instead of feeling bogged down by heavy meals and over the top statement pieces of food, they’re treated to a much more logically planned and prepared menu for the occasion with Prestige Venues & Events.

There are a vast amount of reasons we use the best chefs and ingredients, and evoking positive responses from your guests is just one of them!


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