Case Study: Seven Deadly Sins at the Signet Library

By will adams -

A long feature table in the Upper Library was dressed in rustic green linens, eclectic glassware, and gold cutlery; a sweeping floral arrangement centred the table and a breath-taking floating arrangement gave gravitas and height; emotive lighting changed the ambience throughout the evening.  

The team of event designers each represented one seven deadly sin: Pride, Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Wrath and Sloth. 

Guests arrived through the impressive doors from the Upper Landing to be dazzled by all that was to behold. Frans Mortengren, General Manager of Signet Library and the company Wine Ambassador, welcomed guests – a reception of jeroboams of Pommery Champagne and canapes followed.  

Throughout the evening guests enjoyed sensational food that dazzled with art and theatre, perfectly paired with wines from around the globe; the theatre of service demonstrated that devil is in the detail - the evening concluded with extravagant fiery cocktails.  

The menu design and location for this event played a huge part in making it such a memorable evening – the meticulous planning, theming, theatre, and service made it a true experience beyond food.  


  • Gingerbread, black pudding puree, seared scallop, caviar – served in a smoking dome  

  • Lobster bisque, tempura tail, vanilla foam, viola  

  • Tapioca cracker, salt baked white turnip, malt gel, mint pearls  


  • Lime and wasabi white crab, smoked langoustine ceviche, pressed black sesame puff, black radish, apple, caviar, sea herbs, red pepper emulsion 


  • Roast fillet of beef, bone marrow, potato and truffle terrine, leek custard, glazed kale, violet carrot, shaved truffle, port wine jus  

  • Seared fillet of halibut, potato and truffle terrine, leek custard, buttered kale, glazed pea and chanterelle, split dill butter sauce 


  • 16 hand-crafted sweet treats  

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