BBQ and Summer Team Building at Knebworth House

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Business managers and employees nowadays depend on successfully team building in order to see their business increase productivity and results. Team building doesn’t need to mean sweaty sandwiches in between enforced fun; it’s more about building long-term relationships and a good working practices over time. It involves meeting and getting to know people within your area and in other areas of the company, and in some cases your client base. The relaxed atmosphere that summer brings is particularly inviting to strengthen your teams and your business and this summer, there’s the opportunity to attend a BBQ at Knebworth House can be the perfect backdrop to improve team building amongst your employees and business areas.

When team building you can share thoughts, engage with your coworkers and clients, and overall worked towards mutually achieving business and career goals. It’s traditionally easy to socialise in summer time as days are longer and warmer and people seem to have more free time.


Need Fresh Ideas? Discuss Them Over a BBQ!

BBQs provide particularly interesting opportunities for team building as they offer a festive and more relaxed atmosphere. And the stunning grounds of Knebworth Park or the Cobbold Barn and adjoining garden provide an exclusive and exquisite area where to organize a BBQ, eat, meet and socialise.

Whether you need to look into an issue with a new perspective or you need new ideas and insights, getting around a table of burgers and cocktails is the perfect way to get a buzz going! Your colleagues can offer helpful ideas, you can share with them how you overcame challenges in the past and you can come up with innovative ideas to improve your business.

Now imagine yourself discussing new perspectives and working over challenges with your colleagues while enjoying a delicious BBQ at Knebworth House! Not only the food is amazing  but the venue features some jaw-dropping characteristics that create the perfect backdrop for a business summer event. Knebworth House is a picturesque and historic site set in 250 acres of stunning gardens and parkland that are perfect for taking a walk or simply admiring the scenery. There are also historic and modern spaces for entertaining available.

Interconnecting Business Areas is Easier!

Not all areas within a company face the same challenges nor they apply the same solutions to overcome them. In addition, in larger companies, many business areas have little to no idea of what’s going on down in the corporate department next door. Corporate events contribute greatly in helping people learn more about each other, the area where they work and how they contribute to the larger objectives of the firm. By talking to somebody in another area, employees can come up with ways in which different areas could collaborate and even discover unusual solutions to problems.

However, traditional corporate event venues can sometimes feel too formal and discourage employees to leave their comfort zone and the people they talk to every day.

However, a well-prepared BBQ, in an environment as fabulous as the one provided by Knebworth Park definitely makes interconnecting easier. The grounds are stunning, guests are welcomed with an arrival drink and there are giant garden games to play!

Develop Long-Lasting Personal Relationships at Knebworth Park

The splendid venues and gardens at Knebworth Park provide companies with the perfect environment and amenities to foster and develop long-lasting personal relationships amongst their managers and employees. 

Not only there are giant garden games for everybody to have fun with but you can also upgrade the experience by hiring additional services such as: drink vouchers, ice creams, all inclusive drink packages per person and disco. If you’re planning a corporate event where your employees’ family are invited and there will be young children around, managers can easily get everybody impressed and children in awe with bouncy castles and funny funfair stalls! 

Welcome New Opportunities

Companywide events increase the visibility of a manager, an employee or of a whole business area. And it’s precisely because of this that it opens the door to new opportunities.

Corporate events are great moments in a company’s life to foster these opportunities and to make them grow. And when the event is organized in a warm and relaxed environment as the one you can enjoy at Knebworth House during a BBQ, it’s easier for such things to happen!

Expressing Opinions Is Easier!

Through events like this you develop a professional network that allows you to share opinions about your business, the industry in general, your specific area or a specific project. Discussing industry-related matters that you’ve been thinking about, asking for advice or support on a specific project is easier when you’re surrounded by colleagues and like-minded people.

The Summer BBQ Party packages that you can find at Knebworth House provide the perfect backdrop for opinions to be expressed and shared while enjoying a delicious BBQ and drinks.

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