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By Prestige Venues and Events -

Whilst we have all relied upon and benefitted from online meetings over the last 16 months there is much to be said for being able to meet face to face once again will colleagues and customers in inspiring and motivational settings to network, make plans and do business……..

At PV&E we believe in hosting meetings that matter and make a difference. Studies show that less that 50% of time spent in meetings is effective and worthwhile so how can we help you improve your meetings and make them more productive

  1. Have a purpose and create an agenda with clear goals and objectives that are shared with participants before they arrive.
  2. Make sure you invite the right people and that they know their opinion and input is valued and needed to make the meeting a success.
  3. Use a variety of tools to get the discussion going – in groups, pairs, round robins, using icebreakers, team building or even the setting you are in to set the scene and the ambition for the day.
  4. Provide some delicious and nutritious food and drink on arrival and throughout the day to keep delegates on the ball, focused and happy!
  5. Park any interesting points that come up during the meeting but are not specifically relevant to pick up on them at a later date.
  6. Wrap up and summarise the meeting, conclusions and follow up actions and thank everyone for their participation, contribution and attendance.

Where you decide to hold your meeting can play a big part in how participants feel, react and engage on the day. Many of us will not be returning to the office five days a week, if at all, and will need some time and a place to meet with colleagues to work collaboratively, plan and rebuild working bonds. At PV&E we have meeting settings that suit all types of brief from inspiring and thought-provoking venues ideal for brainstorming and creative work with stunning views and open spaces. Alternatively, we have venues that are motivating, rouse competition and set a challenge that can really give a boost to a meeting goal. 

We can arrange all manner of team building activities to enhance your day and get delegates interacting, allowing creativity to flourish or to simply make your team feel valued and appreciated for what they do. So, whatever your objective, let our hub team know and they will help match you with the perfect venue and activity. This coupled with some great food, drinks and hospitality to make attendees feel really good inside and out and ensure they continue talking about it for weeks to come.

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