Social Distancing: 5 Things We Miss Most

By Prestige Venues and Events -

Social Distancing: The nature of the global pandemic Covid-19, means we are no longer able to enjoy the simple things in life, from going out for a picnic with your family, to going out to experience a new adventure! During this period in which family, friends and loved ones are told to keep apart for the unforeseeable future, we’re sharing 5 things that we truly miss about normality.

Embracing the culture of the heart of the UK, London. Whether it was simply a tube trip into the centre of London’s busy shopping scene, admiring the culture of our incredible city is most definitely something that is on our list. From exploring the wonders of Big Ben or overseeing the entirety of London from the iconic London eye we now know how much we love our capital city and are thinking about what we’ll be doing there post Social Distancing!

Being with friends and family, something so simple but most memorable! Spending time with our loved ones is a factor of social distancing that has most certainly impacted us all. The simpler things in life tend to be the ones we miss most when they’re gone, and this most definitely is the case. Thanks to modern technology however, we can still embrace our loved ones through a web cam. Whether it be playing an online game or chatting away about the latest Netflix series – we can now spend time with the people we love most.  Although this is not the same as physically being together and it’s still something, we appreciate more now than ever before.

Food, food and food! Going out for a quick bite to eat with friends prior to social distancing is one of our definite top 5 things to do after this is over. Whether it be to a fancy restaurant or a simple trip to the local restaurant, going out to eat is something we miss truly.

Celebrations, be it a birthday or an anniversary, spending your special day stuck indoors with no form of ‘celebration’ is not the nicest of feelings in the world. However, taking this opportunity to really bond with your loved ones with no interruptions will really bring out the love. This doesn’t mean a celebration isn’t a due! The solution to this predicament is to reschedule your special day to when this period is over – although this is not ideal, embracing the positives of a bad situation is the way forward and have something to plan and look forward to!

New experiences are something we’re all eager to get stuck into when this is over. The thrilling feeling of trying out something new with all the adrenaline and dopamine rushing through you can be something we most certainly lack right now. Investing into a new hobby and delving into the beauty of nature is most definitely a good idea for the post social distancing period. Or why not experience something more adventurous, try to invest your time into a more thrilling experience – skydiving, scuba diving? The opportunities are endless- what is it you would really like to do when you eventually get the chance to again?

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