Join the New Year’s Revolution – Try the Plant Menu (January and beyond)

By Prestige Venues and Events -


It’s a new year and we are in the throes of #Veganuary so it’s time to consider our choices when it comes to food and the menus we choose for events. It goes without saying; plant-based food isn't just about being healthier, it's also about making a positive impact on our planet. Did you know that plant-based menus are one of the biggest nutrition trends of 2022 with over 40% of Brits striving to eat more plant-based this year?

Whether you’ve gone meat-free, are a flexitarian or maybe you’re just a bit curious, we’ve got lots of ways in which you can give plants a go and make the difference:


1. Get your guests talking and incorporate plant goodness at your next conference or event. Try our plant-based menu and choose from our wide selection of dishes. Get in touch today to find out more.

2. Want something new and bespoke? Speak to our expert chefs and curate something different for your next event.

3. Options Options Options – Guests are looking for variety. Add a colourful salad bar to your selection, with a mixture of healthy proteins (lentils, pulses, nuts, beans, peas, soy and much more). Looks and tastes fabulous

4. Come and sample the menu options before the big day to find out more about plant-based dining.

5. Get to know our partners and suppliers! From plant-based wine to vegan cheese, we work with a range of vegan suppliers to bring you lots of delicious options.  

6. Try it for yourself! Find our #Veganuary at home recipes crafted by our expert chefs here


From our talented chefs to our incredible events planners, our teams strive to deliver the extraordinary to create a truly great event experience for you and your guests. Get in touch today. The future is plant powered!



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