Awards & Gala Dinners: It’s the Season to Celebrate!

By will adams -

Full of glitz, glamour and fabulous hospitality, awards and gala dinners are back with a bang! Celebrating and rewarding the team has become a key focus for many corporate organisations, especially in a post-pandemic world. With the objective of building a culture of recognition, awards and gala dinners are significant events for everyone involved and it is vital they are designed with the team in mind.

Here at PV&E, our spacious, flexible, and inspiring venues are bringing many small and large teams together to deliver impactful events for a whole pleather of organisations. Our Hub team have seen a real surge of enquiries for bringing people together in different ways from team building events, celebrations of success and even hybrid events joining people together from across regions or the globe.       

In addition to this, party themes and unique elements in food and drink design, décor, and entertainment are also very popular. Our team of event designers have had the pleasure of bringing the wow factor to many of such events. From live streaming and relaxed seating arrangements through to innovative food and service options, there are lots of effective elements you can tailor to elevate your celebration of success.

It goes without saying that your next corporate celebration deserves the red-carpet treatment and so do your guests. Team PV&E is here to help you find the perfect setting and make it a night to remember. Here’s how…                                                                                                                                                                                             

1) Choose a magnificent venue

When it comes to designing a glittering night of celebration for your team, a great location and beautiful venue go a long way to make guests feel privileged to be part of it. Discover over 35 extraordinary and inspiring venues in the UK. Our spectacular collection of breath-taking stadia, beautiful museums, majestic galleries and stylish racecourses is sure to have a setting that is right for your next celebration.

2) Decide on the right menu

It’s important to note that there is a proven link between food and creating memories. Here at PV&E, our chefs will create a multi-sensory experience that stays with your guests for years to come. We can tailor a menu for every theme and occasion. Get in touch with our Hub team today to find out more.

3) Create toast-worthy seating arrangements

Your guests will spend most of the evening at their table, so enhance their experience with stunning table settings and seating options.

4) Elevate your guest experience with unique elements

From live performances, purposeful décor, themed event delivery through to exquisite lighting displays, our event designers can help you elevate your guest experience.

5) Bring the team together

With the team at the heart of everything we do, it’s crucial that your attendees feel connected and recognised throughout the event. From the initial welcome through to the journey back home, we can help you create a lasting impact.

For more information on organising your next corporate celebration, get in touch with our Hub team today.

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