Karaoke Christmas at Hampden Park

Karaoke Christmas at Hampden Park

Wed, 15/11/2017 - 10:56

Grab the micChristmas is the perfect excuse to get together for a good, old-fashioned sing song. It’s something we’ve done for generations in the UK: originating with pagan odes to Winter Solstice, developing into Christian hymns at church services, then into a version of home-entertainment, with middle to upper class Victorian families gathering round pianos on Christmas Day to sing, entertain themselves and their guests.

However, singing together took on a whole new dimension in the early 1970’s with the invention of Karaoke.

Hampden Park Stadium The word Karaoke actually means ‘empty orchestra’ in Japanese and it was invented by a Japanese drummer called Daisuke Inoue. His original machine consisted of nothing more than a car stereo, coin machine and amplifier.  It continues to be a popular past time around the globe, which many enjoy… and dread, as the case may be!

This year our colleagues at Hampden Park have taken their love of Karaoke to a new level by introducing a festive experience that combines Karaoke and Indian cuisine: Curry Karaoke Christmas Nights are hosted on various dates throughout December.

Guests will enjoy a two-course curry buffet featuring a selection of classic Indian dishes, including Balti’s, Kormas and Bhunas, alongside a beer, cider or glass of wine. Entertainment will continue to 1am with a dance-floor and DJ booth right next to the Karaoke stage. That’s right, stage. Props will be available too, for guests to get into character!

All that’s left to decide is what you’ll be singing…



For further information about Hampden Park’s Curry Karaoke Christmas Nights call us on 0141 620 4120, email hampden.park@sodexo.comor visit https://www.prestigevenuesandevents.sodexo.com/venues/hampden-park/events/christmas-curry-karaoke-night/christmas-curry-karaoke-night

Psssst! Bottle of prosecco on the table for bookers who quote “prosecco party” when enquiring