A Day at Warner's Gin Distillery

By poppy millett -
The Tour... let the fun be-gin!

In early November 2017, the Jardin Blanc team put on their wellies and headed down to Falls Farm in Harrington, Northamptonshire, for a tour of the Warner's distillery (formerly known as Warner Edwards) – the main suppliers of all things gin related at Jardin Blanc.

Looking out across the family farm, Mr Warner Snr. could be seen in the distance driving a tractor, carrying with him fresh water from the farm spring. The first step in their gin making process.

Tom Warner and Curiosity

We were then taken by the charming Mr & Mrs Warner to see the heartbeat of the whole business: ‘Curiosity.’ A 500 litre copper pot that produces Warner’s world-class Harrington Dry Gin using the ‘London Dry’ gin process. Their family of gins are fast becoming firm favourites with gin lovers across the UK - many of which are infused with home and locally-grown hedgerow botanicals to create a wonderfully natural and flavoursome final product.

Satisfaction, the 50 litre, little sister still to Curiosity, was first introduced to Jardin Blanc in 2017 and returned in 2018. Making it a hat-trick, Satisfaction will be present in 2019, making it the only major event in the UK which actually distils on-site to produce the most fantastic cocktails.

A selection of Warner’s gins were on offer to sample during the tour, including the flagship Harrington Dry Gin, Elderflower Gin, Sloe Gin, and Victoria’s Rhubarb Gin. All of which include bespoke and home-grown ingredients, developed and produced in-house by the Warner's team.


The Secret Hives of Bees

Christina Warner’s Mother kept bees at her family home farm in Dublin, and Tina wanted to bring this Bee Hives pollinating community to Falls Farm and the distillery’s botanical garden. With an interest in conservation and a taste for honey, she developed a honey infused gin and the hives have thrived ever since.

There are now 8 hives on Falls Farm in total which are managed by Jonny, the team beekeeper, avid conservation warrior and now Conservation & Sustainability Manager. A percentage of the income from each bottle of Honeybee Gin sold goes to the RHS, who are working with Warner's to introduce hives to their gardens across the UK.


Some of the un-bee-lievable facts that we learned during the tour

Bees are the only insect in the world that makes food we can eat
Bees only live to 21 days old
Queen Bees can lay 2000 eggs in a single day and live up to 4 years

Botanics We also looked at what they have growing in Warner’s wonderful botanical gardens: various types of Juniper, Lemon Balm, Lemon Verbena, Rhubarb (their leaves help stop the bees getting mites). All of which are used in the gins on offer at Jardin Blanc.


Warner's at Jardin Blanc

Attention to detail and sourcing quality produce are two fundamental elements of Jardin Blanc and, therefore, getting to know our suppliers is a top priority.

The synergy between Jardin Blanc and Warner's are clear: their respective focus on provenance, innovation and true quality. Just like the menu at Jardin Blanc, all ingredients are home-grown, developed and produced in-house by a passionate and dedicated team.


You can find Satisfaction distilling away, in addition to an array of perfectly selected cocktails, behind
the bar at Jardin Blanc, at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show...

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