Welcome to our new online booking platform

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Key Benefits:

  1. Accessibility - Available and easy to use on all devices. You can can make/update bookings at anytime or place.
  2. Real-time information - Instant access to live availability and booking history for registered bookers.
  3. User accounts - Help our regular customers to create repeat and reoccurring bookings and amendments with ease
  4. Payment system - You have the ability to make secure online payments for bookings
  5. Agreed rates - Registered bookers can view agreed rates on login
  6. Documentation - Online repository for all booking documentation 
  7. Online experience - Bookings can be made directly online 24/7 with assistance from The Hub if required 8am-6pm

We have created a short video to show you how it all works…… 


If you need to speak to an event planner for more information regarding booking an event, the Hub Team are available by phone, email and live chat ‘Contact the Hub.

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