Keeping Up the Camaraderie

By Prestige Venues and Events -

By now most of us have got to grips with how to best work from home and have adapted to the new way of working. Though with this long stretch of remote working and lack of human contact with our colleagues and customers it’s getting harder to keep people engaged and to keep in touch.

As meeting and event planners we know the value of bringing people together, of meeting face to face and of teambuilding to keep people engaged, motivated, creative and rewarded for their efforts. Whilst our venues are closed and we can’t offer that service we wanted to give you some helpful tools that you might want to use to build that engagement and make sure people still feel connected even though they can’t be together. We’ve even got some great examples of our own teams at work in their home kitchens to share with you.

Morning coffee - People are really missing their daily interaction with colleagues in the workplace. As humans we need that, including those morning coffee catch ups on arrival in the office when we get the chance to clock in with people and see how they are. Why not set up Skype call a couple of mornings a week to do just that – a coffee and a catch up first thing to check how everyone is doing, either with your own team or even your closest customers.

Ice breakers – Got a large online meeting to host? Bring some fun and interaction to the occasion with one of our online icebreakers that can involve the whole household if you want…..

Seek out - Give everyone on the call 10 minutes to search for the most unusual items around the house that begin with the letters of your company name, take a photo and share them with the judges who can then award a prize for the best entry

Holidays - Bring back the enthusiasm of travel and new experiences by getting all attendees to upload an interesting/fun background photo for the conference. This will give you all something to talk about and could be a previous holiday, a desired future destination or something else entirely depending on their individual personality!

Meet for lunch – why not all meet for lunch once a week as a team to catch up on what everyone’s been doing in a relaxed and informal environment. You could ask everyone to bring something interesting they have read or watched in the week to share with the team or even theme the lunch with special ingredients or country themes.

Friday drinks – Host a monthly cocktail party on a Friday afternoon and ask those attending to send in recipes and photos of their favourite creations – alcoholic or non to share with each other and have a bit of socialising fun.

Our team at Prestige Venues & Events are used to being busy and very much part of a team and with a passion for food and drink so we have developed a challenge for all our people currently working from home. With a list of ingredients chosen by you, our customers, we have challenged our colleagues to share some fun ideas of how to use ingredients that have been nominated.

Here’s how we are doing so far…..

Siobhan's Rose Water:

Theo's Fennel:

Yvonne's Peas:

Ben's Eggs:

If you have any ingredients you would like to see nominated or would like to take part yourself then please check out sodexoprestige and heritageportfolio Instagram pages.

Happy cooking!

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